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Seahawks Mission Statement


The Connecticut Seahawks is an organization dedicated to the physical and mental development of young ladies between the ages of 8 to 18 in the game of softball. As a travel organization we encourage players not only to exercise the skill of softball but the art of respect, sportsmanship, and integrity. Our belief is God, family, school and then softball. We do not believe that softball should ever replace the above mentioned values and as an organization we will support and encourage all players to follow and respect those values. As a rule we are firm in our beliefs of no foul language, no "cliques" and no disrespecting parents, teammates, officials or your opponent. As an organization we strive to instill good values that will serve the players well after their experience in the sport of softball is over.

The Connecticut Seahawks and their coaches are held to a standard of servant leader. Our sole purpose is to train and prepare the players for all opportunities they may encounter in the game of softball including Little League, Middle School, High School, College and beyond. All coaches have multiple years of experience in the game of softball including pitching, hitting, base running, and fielding. We also contract professional instructors to run clinics and lessons throughout each season.

Paul Crisci, President and General Manager

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